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Alessandro Petacca

Alessandro Petacca: Composer & Sound Designer with over a decade of expertise. Collaborated with The Sultanate of Oman, Vodafone, Orcam, KaCheckFilm. Specializing in advertising, Jingles, and sonic branding across diverse genres. Founder of GYM Studio Music, securing contracts with Thaurus Publishing and BM Records. Published albums showcase artistic depth. Contributions include producing songs in Turin, audio production for a mindfulness app with the University of Turin, and sound installations for exhibitions like 'Aleppo.' Explore my versatile music journey!


would you like to work with me?


For Films, Documentaries, Ads, Videogames

  • Commercial Use
  • Full Copyright
  • Ambient, Orchestral, Electronic, Cinematic musical genres
  • Starting from 500$ per minute

Music Lessons

For all

  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition
  • Audio Pre production
  • Audio Post Production
  • 100$ per hour

Sound design

For Films, Documentaries, Videogames

  • BKG
  • Foley
  • SFX
  • Starting from 250$ per minute


  • Logo Sound with perpetual Copyrights assignements (1500$)
  • Music for Commercials
  • Mastering included
  • 300$/30s perpetual license

contact me for enquires

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